Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ND: Not good enough...yet

Terrible performance by the ND Irish in the Fiesta Bowl against THE osu. ND is still a ways away from success. The offense is there, and will always be there. Charlie is going to make sure of that. But the Defense is still under construction. Hopefully this top 10 recruiting class can help out with it, as anticipated. I cant wait to hear about how bad ND is when I go back to school and from every other ND hater in the world. I am just gonna smile, talk shit about their team, and then wait 2-3 years. By then ND will become a nice little dynasty and will be winning at least 10 games a year, at least. Until then, I will just smile and accept the truth: FUCK EVERYONE THAT DISLIKES NOTRE DAME.


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